Waxy O'Shea's Irish Pub

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On Tap

A robust first class stout with a roasted barley taste.
An Irish cream ale from the makers of Guinness.
Made with 17 varieties of apples Bulmers is a traditional blend of Irish cider.
Probably the least sweet of all New Zealand mainstream brown beers.
Speight’s Old Dark
The malty character of this beer is similar to many old English and Scottish ales.
Is a thoroughly refreshing beer with a light palate best suited for all beer related occasion’s.
Mac’s Gold
A light-coloured lager balanced sweet/bitter palate and a clean aftertaste.
Export Gold
Is a refreshing, golden lager beer renowned for its smoothness and a full flavour.
A great tasting, easy drinking, full-flavoured authentic draught beer.
Monteiths Radler
Monteiths lemon and lime flavoured Radler is a refreshing fruity lager.
Export 33 (Low Carb Beer)
Naturally brewed for 33% longer to remove all the carbohydrates you don’t want and keep all the flavour you do, Export 33 continues Morton Coutts’ tradition of taking on convention and confounding critics.
Speights Mid Ale 2.5% Alcohol by volume
Speight's Mid Ale enjoys a smooth caramelised flavour and aroma, which is contrasted by the bitterness of Pacific Jade and Green Bullet hops. The finished product is a perfectly balanced, mid strength beer that's still full of flavour.

Bottle Beers

Is the number-one selling beer in Mexico and their leading export brand.
A pale lager with a mildly bitter taste.
Is a lager with a distinctive grassy note and a clean crisp bitterness of green bullet hop’s.
Steinlager Pure
No additives, no preservatives. Water, malted barley, hops and yeast.

Local Beers

A Honey Pilsner with a sweetish aroma and palate that comes from the biscuit malt characters and the floral kamahi honey.
New Zealand Pilsner. Citrusy and tropical fruit flavours lead to an emphatic, resiny, dry finish. BrewNZ Gold Medal winner and Best in class 2008, Bronze Medal 2006.
Stanley Green
Pale Ale. Sweet and savoury maltiness, reminiscient of Mackintoshs Toffees, with a dry finish. BrewNZ Bronze medal 2006.
Pitch Black
Stout. Coffee-like, charred roastiness and a hint of hop dryness combine to cleanse the palate. BrewNZ Gold medal 2007, Silver 2005,AIBA Awards Bronze medal 2010, 2011, 2012.

Light Beers

Steinlager Premium
This extraordinary premium lager is a true brewing innovation in low alcohol beer.
Amstel Light
A unique mix of barley and hops, with the full flavour of regular beer.


Magners Cider 500mls
Magners Original Cider,the unique, refreshing taste of Ireland's favourite Cider, over ice is the perfect refreshment any time at Waxys
Monteiths Cider
Crafted from sun-ripened Nelson fruit.
Rekorderlig: strawberry & lime, apple & black current, Wild berries, apple & mango
Beautifully Swedish


Canadian Club & Dry
Smirnoff Ice
Jack Danials & Cola
Jim Beam & Cola
Coruba & Cola


Baby Guinness
Kahlua with a Baileys head floating on top.
Irish Rug Burn
Jameson whiskey, Bailey’s and Kahlua.
Midori & Baileys
Osheas Gold
Baileys & Galliano Vanilla

Speciality Drinks

Boom Chicka Wah Wah
Brown Creme De Cocao, Butterscotch liqueur, cream & milk
Desperate House Wife
Apple sours, Peach Schnapps, apple juice & raspberry cordial
Man Hunter
Midori, Malibu, Peach Schnapps & pineapple juice
Baileys, Vodka and Brown Creme De Cacao, cream & milk

Non-Alcoholic 12oz

Bundaberg Ginger Beer
Red Bull
Coke Zero
Sprite Zero 600mls
Tonic water
Soda water
Tea: Regular, Earl Grey and a selection of Herbal Teas
Coffe: Flat White, Mocha, Cappa, Latte and a range of flavoured shots eg. Chai and caramel

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